Our Dinner Menu

Dinner is served Wednesday to Saturday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Please book your table in advance, we have less tables than usual due to distancing and we want to make sure we can fit you in!


Tomato & roasted red pepper soup £6.5 (V,GFO)
croutons, basil oil, artisan bread, salted butter

King prawns and chorizo (GFO) £8
spinach, sweet chilli, cream, wild garlic crouton, tomato and coriander salsa, aioli

Roasted pepper, red onion & beetroot £7.5 (VE,GF)
pine nuts, quinoa, chickpeas, pickled beets, cauliflower, lemon & mustard dressing.

Pork belly & Lady Halton smoked cheese croquette £8
fried egg, crackling crumb, BBQ sauce

Tempura fried sprouting broccoli £6.5 (GFO, VE)
pickled spring vegetables, toasted nuts and seeds, wild garlic and chilli sauce, coriander.

Chicken & basil pressing £7.5 (GFO)
tomato chutney, caramelised onion butter, artisan bread


Rump of lamb £19.5
braised shoulder, pearl barley, caramelised cauliflower, pickled cauliflower, turnip, spinach, jus.

Lemon and pepper chicken supreme £16.5 (GF)
crushed walled garden potatoes, rosemary roasted carrots, watercress and cashew pesto, jus.

Asian salad £10.5 (V*, VE*, GF)
daikon, cabbage, carrot, sugar snaps, crispy onion & kale, garden leaf, sesame, spiced peanut dressing
Add: shredded duck leg £8 or crispy fried Oyster mushrooms £5 (VE)

Risotto Verdi £14 (V, GF)
Arborio rice, asparagus, peas, spring onions, spinach, basil oil, watercress.

Beer battered catch and chips £15.5 (GFO)
crushed peas, tartar sauce, charred lemon.

Pan fried sea trout £19 (GFO) new potatoes, peas and broad beans, chorizo, coriander, dried cherry tomatoes, brown shrimp and caper butter

(v) Vegetarian (ve) Vegan
(ve*) Dish can be adapted for a vegan diet

(gfo*) dish can be adapted for a gluten free diet

From the Grill

8 oz sirloin steak. £22
10 oz rump steak. £20
10 oz butchers cut steak. Please ask for details £18
All served with dried tomato, roasted mushroom, Worcestershire sauce onion rings, hand cut chips, watercress, and a choice of peppercorn sauce, blue cheese sauce or red wine jus.

Braised ham hock £15 (GF)
honey and mustard glaze, spiced pineapple chutney, fried hens’ eggs, chips, slaw, watercress.

7oz beef burger £14.5 (GFO) brioche, relish, Clive burger sauce, gherkin, fries, slaw.
BBQ pulled pork. £2
Back bacon. £1.5
Oakly Park cheddar. £1
Ludlow blue. £1
Worcestershire sauce onion rings. £1.5
Greek style grilling cheese burger £14 (V)
house bun, relish, Clive burger sauce, gherkin, fries, slaw  


Rhubarb and custard crème brûlée £6
rhubarb, shortbread crumble.
Strawberries with Pimm’s and coconut cream £6.75 (VE, GF)
strawberries, chilled coconut and vanilla cream,
candied pistachios, Pimm’s gel.
Sticky toffee pudding £7
salted toffee sauce, toasted almonds, vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate and salted caramel pave £7  
Chocolate mousse, biscuit, salted caramel, praline
Cheese board
cheeseboard chutney, dressed celery, sourdough crisps.
Cheese With No Name, Remembered Hills blue,
Oakly Park raw milk cheddar, Lady Halton smoked cheese.
3 cheeses 8.5, 4 cheeses 10.5, 5 cheeses 12.5.

Selection of ice creams and sorbets with
raspberry or chocolate sauce and candied
pistachios or shortbread crumb.
Please ask for details.
1 scoop 3 2 scoops 4.5 3 scoops 6.