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Ludlow Farmshop bread, olives, cured meats, balsamic vinegar and Shropshire rapeseed oil  £7.50

Creamy garlic mushrooms, Ludlow blue and herb crumb gratin, Ludlow Farmshop bread  £5.50

Warm salad of hot smoked salmon, roast beets, candy beets, smoked beetroot ketchup, crème fraiche  £9.00

Soup of the day, Ludlow Farmshop bread, homemade herb butter (V)  £6.50

Pressed chicken and leek terrine, wrapped in Parma ham, pickled wild mushrooms, confit onion chutney, toasted sourdough  £7.50


Ludlow Farm Venison loin, celeriac purée, roasted winter roots and fruits, red wine sauce  £22.50

Free range chicken breast, butternut squash puree, fondant potato, kale, chicken thyme jus  £16.50

Fish of the day, crushed lemon, dill potatoes, sea vegetables, white wine and lemongrass veloute  £17.50

Chickpea, sweet potato and spinach wellington, tender stem broccoli, tomato fondue, coriander pesto  £14.5