The wine selection

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About Mark Savage – A Master of Wine

We are fortunate to have Mark Savage, A Master of Wine since 1980 (and incidentally married to a Windsor Clive Cousin!) to help further improve our wine offerings to a new level of excellence.

Mark has spent the past 40 years as a wine sleuth, travelling the paths of the world’s wine regions, the obscure as well as the well trodden, in order to unearth original, authentic and exciting wines from small family wine estates, so we felt that we should try and tap into some of that experience.

Mark is never satisfied with the merely satisfactory and he looks at wine as an essentially artisan product rather than an industrial one, very much in the same spirit as we do here at The Clive and the Ludlow Food Centre with all our own suppliers, selecting on the basis of quality and sustainable and honest methods of production.

Mark’s wines tell a story of a particular place, a person and a vintage, and are much more than the expression of a simple grape variety. He supplies and advises some of this country’s most famous wine merchants and restaurants and as Oz Clarke himself has said, “I don’t think Mark Savage could buy a dull wine if he tried”.

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