Meet Our Assistant Manager, Katie Wright!

Born just outside of Ludlow in a small country inn, Katie has many fond memories of growing up with great food and great company – that’s where her love for hospitality began! Just after turning 16, Katie began her first job working behind the bar. From there she built up her extensive knowledge for the hospitality industry and then went on to lead as Assistant Manager. 

Katie enjoys meeting new people and creating memorable relationships with our current customers, so if you are thinking about dining with us soon, please say hello!

Katie’s favourite dish would have to be a 10 oz butcher’s cut Ludlow Farm steak with a blue cheese sauce, paired nicely with a glass of New Zealand sauvignon. Along with a love of steak and wine, Katie loves a cocktail and is keen to expand our current offerings, we may even see a cocktail event over the summer.. When Katie isn’t working, she enjoys going to concerts and theatre shows, maybe another event on cards for the future?

We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Katie and The Clive Arms!